About Us

Who We Are

We are Asteya, a Montreal based company that specializes in making hand poured natural candles made of a blend of soy and coconut wax and fragranced oils. 

Our Wax

After testing several popular waxes, we chose to work with soy coconut wax. Many of the common waxes on the market include soy and paraffin wax. However, those waxes didn't meet our commitment to a 100% eco-friendly product. We decided to go for an alternative wax that would be non-harmful and that could provide a good lasting scent-throw. Our blend of soy and coconut wax has met all of those criteria.

The main benefits of this blend, such as being sustainable, exceptionally clean-burning and delivering a strong scent throw, have persuaded us in choosing this combination for our candles. We pride ourselves in providing you with a product that is safe for you and our planet.

Our fragrances

Our fragrances, containing essential oils, have been chosen with the intention of delivering unique, rich and earthy scents. Asteya strives to provide you with scents that are suitable for both men and women.

Our intentions

Our scented candles infused with aromatherapy oils will bring calmness and relaxation into your space. Our sleek designed jars were conceived to enhance any room with a contemporary feel. Asteya products were specifically poured and designed to assist you in soothing your soul and connecting with your inner self.